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Ways to fill the gap in the LARP season

In the colder months of December through to late February, LARP events for the most part tend to go into hibernation. Some of the events that will run in this time will typically avoid camping outside due to increased risk of cold fingers and toes, and will instead be held indoors where central heating is your best friend - not the most conduicive to smacking each other silly with foam swords.


Issue 2 Calendar – Events Jan-Mar

If you have any events running between January 1st and March 31st, let us know and we will update the calendar!

LARPScene Issue 2 – OUT NOW!

We're back and bigger than ever in the second release of LARPScene, a free online LARP magazine dedicated to bringing you news from the Live Action Role Play world, by players FOR PLAYERS!

Fantastic Halloween VFX Makeup tutorials

Halloween is the one time of year that the average person will indulge in makeup and bring them very close to the level of effort put in at every LARP event - which means that Youtube is flowing with great makeup tutorials for you to check out.

The best LARP T-shirts the internet has given you

Are you also a fan of witty t-shirts that show everyone that you love things like the crazy world of LARP? No? Do you like wearing clothes? No? This post probably isn't for you if you don't answer affirmatively to both of those criteria, at least with the last question I was hoping to catch you out, but we can't win 'em all. Well, if you're anything like we are, we love a well-designed tee to show off your love of the game, and here's the best pick of the bunch we could find. Don't worry - we'll be doing another check to help you out with Christmas gift buying closer to December.

Reclamation: Event photos

The wait is over! After a long check of photos and quality, the photos of Reclamation are ready. We will also be making a post over at our Facebook page with EVEN MORE PHOTOS for you to tag and scroll endlessly through to find your own face, so make sure to check for tagging opportunities!

5 bad LARP habits you need to drop now

Everyone develops bad habits while playing any game. Do you even remember how you had to drive to pass your driving test? Ten to two and not crossing my arms over like I'm playing air drums? I'm not allowed to turn the wheel with the palm of my hand or forehead? What kind of madness is that? These sorts of bad (yes, those examples are bad too) habits creep into our everyday lives, and also while LARPing, and the difference between not changing the loo roll when it's finished and LARP bad habits is that one of those is a contact sport, and there are other people to consider.

LARPScene roadtests: The Armuiry Chain mail

Nicknamed 'cheat chain', ally-neo actually means aluminium and neoprene, making it cleaner, and immensely lighter than full aluminium chain suits, which due to the number of rings, means more of it is in contact with your skin, turning your skin slowly silver over the course of a weekend. You may not have intended to come away from an event looking like a silver golem and the Tin Man had a child, but if you don't wear a layer under it, you'll come away with a sheen.

Vampires in Public Event Review

Vampires in Public (ViP for short) is a different sort of LARP. Based in the modern day, this system is loosely based on Whitewolf's tabletop system 'World of Darkness', where you, the player, are a vampire in the local conclave.... Continue Reading →

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