Age of Essence is a growing high fantasy LARP system based in the South East of the UK. Running  for 6 years, they are still on the up and gaining new players every year. For a small system, they run a lot of events over the year, from one-dayers to weekends. AoE runs at two different sites, one in Surrey, the other in Essex, both in easy driving distance for anyone in the south east of England, which is great for anyone Kent based as there tends to me more LARP events based in Midlands, making for long drives for anyone who live in France. I mean, south of the Watford Gap.

This game of Kerplunk has really escalated.

Rules for the event can be found on their website in PDF format, and if you have any questions, they have a Facebook group. You can also get chatting with your fellow players, and get a feel for the game prior to attending. They seem a good bunch so far, but you only really know a player until you’ve both drank until you’re squiffy and hit each other with foam sticks.

Invisible picnic.

Upcomingn one-day events:

8th October at Langdon Hills country park, Basildon, Essex, SS17 9NH, 5th November at Nonsuch Park, Ewell, Surrey, SM3 8AP, 3rd December again at Langdon Hills.

There seems to be a very aggressive hug going on at the back.

For more details, booking information and some background, please visit their website. They have very competitive prices, and one of the sites even has an on-site café, which means you don’t have to make your own morning coffee pre-time in (+500 points). Also, before you stop here, keep on scrolling past the pictures – they have another event of interest which doesn’t involve stabbing, plus you may be able to roll dice in a game context, not like gambling or pretending to be a member of the mafia or even backgammon.

Gangland shootings have gone a bit low-tech.
Don’t worry, she only took an arrow to the knee.
It’s all fun and games until the kids get serious.

Fayre Times Festival

Fayre Times Festival began as an idea that Luke Still, Chairman of AoE LARP and a few other guys had of bringing together linked hobbies like tabletop, wargames, re-enactment, LARP, cosplay and all of the traders, craftsmen and writers associated with them. Last year they held training by Battle of the Nations, who also performed a display. Unfortunately, despite its success, Fayre Times was unable to run this year due to site problems but hopefully 2017 will be the year of re-emergence. There’s a video below and everything, which means it really happened.

They are on the look out for a new site, so if you know of any suitable areas, let them know!

The official website it: