Have you heard of WORBLA? It’s considered to be a staple of the cosplay community due to its ease of use and the smooth surface it creates – perfect for creating sets of armour out of them for a relatively small cost, light weight and effective look on camera. But how does Worbla stand a practical LARP test for armour? Does it hold up?


Enter Foul Mouthed Fairy with this awesome Worbla tutorial, and the more in-depth article HERE to introduce you to using this versatile material to make all sorts of armour add-ons that will take the strain of being beaten repeatedly by foam swords (and grappling if you’re playing anywhere that isn’t the UK).

For supplies to get started with Worbla armour making, here’s a list of online products:

Worbla sheets: Cosplay Craft Worblas Finest Art Panel 50 x 37.5 cm Size S ThermoplasticBlack and Decker heat gun: Black + Decker KX1650-GB 1750W Heat Gun
A3 craft foam sheets x 30 sheets: EVA Foam Sheets, A3 30×42 cm, thickness 2 mm, 30asstd sheets

Just look how damn sexy that is.

Ruth Bedder of Foul Mouthed Fairy also takes on commissions, so if a spot of DIY isn’t your thing, or you have better things to do like being an adult, jumping up and down and dressing in black and yellow pretending to be a wasp, then you can drop her a message on her Facebook page and you can get some armour made for you instead.


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