Vampires in Public (ViP for short) is a different sort of LARP. Based in the modern day, this system is loosely based on Whitewolf’s tabletop system ‘World of Darkness’, where you, the player, are a vampire in the local conclave. ViP can be run anywhere, and so a corresponding conclave would exist. This particular game is based in Worcester, UK, and so the vampires in this game belong to the Worcester conclave, with occasional cameos by werewolves, mages and fae.

Predominantly a political game, there are on occasion combat linears – so knowing the rules is imperative if you want to play. You never know when you’re going to need to use some combat manoeuvres.

As it’s modern-day, clothing is down to you, depending on your clan. Without giving too much away, as the secrecy surrounding what exactly happens at Conclave is part of the draw of this particular system, picking the right clan for you can really make your game, so make sure you have a read up of the rules and background, which can be found online.