Are you also a fan of witty t-shirts that show everyone that you love things like the crazy world of LARP? No? Do you like wearing clothes? No? This post probably isn’t for you if you don’t answer affirmatively to both of those criteria, at least with the last question I was hoping to catch you out, but we can’t win ’em all. Well, if you’re anything like we are, we love a well-designed tee to show off your love of the game, and here’s the best pick of the bunch we could find. Don’t worry – we’ll be doing another check to help you out with Christmas gift buying closer to December.


‘LARP Label Shirt’ – Bomb Threads on Zazzle


‘LARPer until I die’ – spookyruthy on Redbubble


‘LARPLARPLARPLARP’ – linkrot on Zazzle


‘LRPers get all the action’ – MonkeyGhostPresents on Redbubble


‘REF I AM THE LAW’ – robdavies on Redbubble



If unisex style tees aren’t for you, and you want something with a different cut, there is still hope! Here’s our pick of the best ladies style tees we could find.

‘If you think I’m scary now, you should see me with a sword’ – spookyruthy on Redbubble


That which does not kill me… should run! – bmit on Redbubble



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