Halloween is the one time of year that the average person will indulge in makeup and bring them very close to the level of effort put in at every LARP event – which means that Youtube is flowing with great makeup tutorials for you to check out.

So we’ve found the coolest Halloween makeup tutorials we could find to really get you in the mood for All Hallow’s Eve!


Alex Faction has done an awesome selection of spooky and creepy facepaint and VFX tutorials over on his channel, make sure to check out his other work: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcSpTh-jq9cg4Vvycx-h3xg


I’m in love with Glam&Gore‘s interpretation of a vampire with this scary looking vampire makeup tutorial. This one will require a bit of preparation with the teeth and contacts, but the effect of the blood and the lifelessness of it makes it more than worth the extra mile.


NsomniaksDream is a bountiful and incredible resource for all sorts of makeup ideas and inspiration (and we’ve featured them before!) but this one is an amazing ghost tutorial. Gone away are the days of panda eyes and white-out face – this one is blood red to really up the scare factor.


And we couldn’t round out the Halloween lineup without the quintessential mummy. Ellimacs SFX Makeup gives us this creepy but awesome tutorial, featuring lots of bandages, a freaky nose and piercing weirdo eyes.


Do you have a favourite makeup tutorial you want to share with us? Comment below and share the creepiness! Love, I mean love.