When it all goes quiet

In the colder months of December through to late February, LARP events for the most part tend to go into hibernation. Some of the events that will run in this time will typically avoid camping outside due to increased risk of cold fingers and toes, and will instead be held indoors where central heating is your best friend – not the most conduicive to smacking each other silly with foam swords.

This is the time when it goes dark for most players, wondering what to do and how to get through this brutal and un-LARP-y moment. Thankfully there are a number of ways to keep the fire alight inside, and we’ll go through our top tips for staying keen when the events are few and far between!

Work on your kit

Apart from the obvious parts of getting the parts of your kit you were lacking in the past year, there are more subtle things you can do to your gear. If you played your character at all in 2016, you’re bound to have had at least a brush with plot in game, which means you’ve got a good basis to customise your kit, and the really awesome looking kit will have these little details all over it in spades (you’ll see this in action in Issue 3! SPOILERS!). For example – did plot show you a symbol of any kind while in game? You could try putting that symbol on a tabard or sash. Chat with your friends to see if you can come up with anything, and this works great if you can get your LARP group on board as well.

LARPers dig warm kit additions.

Work on you!

Now is the time to get started with working on you – do you want to be better in combat, or have more endurance when out in the field? Or maybe you want to be able to cook a certain meal in-character to add to the game? Whatever it is you want to bring to your game during 2017, while it’s quiet is the best time to start trying out new things. It doesn’t have to be limited to skills – how about a different hair style or colour?

Character addition achieved.

Get inspired

Have you been meaning to catch up on those last few episodes of Game of Thrones for the past few months? The quiet is also the perfect timing to catch up or binge-watch a new series to get some inspiration. Watched all of Game of Thrones but need some more fantasy inspiration? Try The Shannara Chronicles for some great costume ideas! How about Westworld for some post-apoc western inspiration? Sit back with that popcorn and use Netflix to within an inch of its life.

Wine is also inspiring.

Plan for 2017

If you’re juggling a full-time job, or are a parent, or have school throughout the year, planning which events to attend is something to seriously consider. Booking time off, finding babysitters or prioritising around your exams all take time to do, and without the proper thought can lead to some calendar errors. Check our downloadable calendar for Spring LARP events (January – March) to help plan your time effectively. Remember that giving yourself an extra day off after a LARP event can make all the difference in recuperating before your back to work and family!

Planning… or did I mean scheming?

Give your kit room a Spring clean

If you’re anything like me and Strange, you will have a dedicated room to all of your LARP equipment and kit, which over the course of the year will descend into a seventh level of hell in terms of chaos, which you will dread to step foot in once the season ends. Organising the kit room (or cupboard, or wherever) will help you to get back in touch with your characters and help make preparing for 2017 events a lot easier without the potential avalanche of stuff on your face.

If only we had our own Mrs Doubtfire to sort the kit room out.

Do you have any other suggestions for ways to beat the LARP winter blues? Tell us your coping strategies in the comments below!