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Reclamation: A Lorien Trust Sanctioned Event

Reclamation is the first ever Martial Guilds sanctioned event run by the Lorien Trust, and intriguingly did not allow NPCs (non-player characters, in essence staff) to book and attend, which meant player-led action without guidance. Sold as a horror event,... Continue Reading →


Foul Mouthed Fairy with a Worbla armour tutorial

Ruth Bedder of Foul Mouthed Fairy also takes on commissions, so if a spot of DIY isn't your thing, or you have better things to do like being an adult, jumping up and down and dressing in black and yellow pretending to be a wasp, then you can drop her a message on her Facebook page and you can get some armour made for you instead.

Sci-Fi/Futuristic Makeup Tutorial

It's good to know that with white, a couple of blues and blacks, you can create an intricate and extra-terrestrial look which shouldn't be too difficult to apply in a field. But just in case, we will road test this makeup in the future, and see just how easy it is to do in a tent potentially in the middle of winter with limited access to water and mirrors. I remain positive.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Unlike LARP systems, Renaissance Faires are casual events, and have open doors to the general public, not just those who have purchased tickets to the event, either beforehand or on the door, so it's normal to see people in everyday... Continue Reading →

New to Bloglovin!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi everyone, a short one here. To try and spread the word and make it easier for anyone and everyone with an interest in LARP to find our free online magazine, we've added our blog... Continue Reading →

‘My Weird Hobby’ – UK LARP short by Channel 4

This documentary short reminded us of some of the more poignant parts and reasons that we continue doing this mad hobby, especially in those trying moments of set-up or take-down when the only question circling your brain is 'why the hell do we do this?' after a tent pole won't go up, or it's raining, or you haven't got enough beer for the whole weekend because Asda was closing.

Age of Essence – UK High Fantasy LARP

Rules for the event can be found on their website in PDF format, and if you have any questions, they have a Facebook group. You can also get chatting with your fellow players, and get a feel for the game prior to attending. They seem a good bunch so far, but you only really know a player until you've both drank until you're squiffy and hit each other with foam sticks.

Issue 1 – Links

Between now and issue 2, any awesome things we find (unless they're REALLY awesome and we want to keep them secret squirrel to show them off to you in January) we will post them up on the blog and on our Facebook page so you won't be short of cool things to drool over!

Issue 1 -Angelica Elfic, Throwing Dagger tutorial and more!

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